Think Yourself Happy

You are what you think. Think exclusively happy  thoughts and you’ll become profoundly happy person.On the other hand, think unhappy thoughts and the reverse will be the case.

happy face

Too simplistic! I hear you say. ” How i can be happy if something bad is happening?”

The answer is many of us tend to have  thoughts that are far more negative than the reality demands. In fact most of our negative thoughts are unwarranted.

It’s not just a question of feeling better about a particular situation. By changing the way you think you’re actually going to rebuild your brain as a “happy brain”.

Let me ask you this. Are you happier when you listen to music  on an MP3 player than when you listen to the same music on the CD player? And did the music on the CD player make you happier than listening to it on a tape cassette? And did the cassette make you happier than listening at 33 1/3 rpm? Of course not; it’ s the music that counts.

In the same way, if you drive to meet friends for coffee, will you enjoy their company more because your transport is a Ferrari as opposed to an old banger? Of course not; it’s the company that counts.

So often we lose sight of the function of the product we buy. Instead we become obsessed with impressing  other people.Quite often the comparison is false anyway.


In some ways,  advertising is among the greatest curse of our era.We’re  encourage to compare our lifestyle and possesions with the richest people on the planet. We’re urge to be dissatisfied  unless  we have  the very latest product, as they do. We’re told that only ‘the best’ will do for us. In short we’re made miserable.