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Do you have a long list of goals, desires, and wants for your life? Do you want to learn more? Earn more? Improve your skills? Get the most out of your relationships? Live better?

All those things are good. Life is about moving forward and making consistent progress.

However, there’s one important thing about all this working, hustling, striving, and achieving more: You can’t do everything at the same time.

Instead, it’s much more effective to focus your effort on one thing.


Success Adds Up

Real Success happens when we focus on one thing at a time. The first time I discovered that idea was in high school. When I was preparing for my final exams, I decided to study only one subject at a time. And I only moved on to the next when I fully grasped the material.

I noticed that I could learn something way faster if I immersed myself in it for a few days. Most of my peers studied multiple subjects a day. I never like that approach because it’s too scattered.

That strategy helps me to get things done quicker and better. Hence, I achieve much more when I give my attention to one thing.

“Where I’d had huge success, I had narrowed my concentration to one thing, and where my success varied, my focus had too.”

Are you working on a lot of things? Is your attention not on one thing? There’s a big chance that you will not achieve the best possible results. Or worse: You might fail if you try to achieve many things at the same time

The reason is simple: Most of us believe that success happens all at once. Real life is different.

“ is sequential, not simultaneous.”

You learn one skill. Then another. You finish one project. Then another. Over time, your accomplishments add up to form an impressive feat.

This is especially true for money. Most people earned their money over time. Few people make a big financial splash. These are people who hit the career jackpot.

But you don’t need special talent or skills to succeed in life. If you take the long road, achieve one goal after the other, and build up your wealth step by step, you are more likely to live a good life.


It’s simple. And it always works. People who say it doesn’t just haven’t had the patience to apply it to their own life.One of my mentors owns a few dozen properties, worth millions. He acquired his wealth over time. You see, things take time. And when you combine patience with compounding, you achieve the biggest results.

And these are not extraordinary things. I’m not promising you a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics or that you’ll become the next Zuckerberg.

Everyone can save money, improve their skills, and create wealth.

There is a lot of things to do in the online world but the thing is to focus on one program or focus on the things that you want to be successful with. Yes i know you have a lot of things or opportunity knocking everyday or anytime that you open your phone..

Online is overwhelming but the more oppportunies that are knocking at you the more you got lost and then starting doubting about yourself why im not getting any results.. etc. you flame your mentor, you blame another persons, but its really your own fault.. And success doesnt come up overnight even you concentrate on one thing. be patient and kind and wait for the time when your sacrifices paying off..


Why I like working online

The best feeling when you are working with your kids on the background,a little bit to tought, i agree! but the feeling of security that your kids are still in your position.Its the best decision and the best idea of building an online business. That you can work with your flexible time anywhere anytime.

If You’re Unhappy With Your Life, It’s Your Responsibility To Change It

Oftentimes, we settle for what we think is right, acceptable and safe. We are so dominated by the idea of staying because it feels scary to move. Because it feels frightening to face a whole new environment without the people, the things, or the places we’ve been so used to.

We are so terrified by the idea of moving on, because we feel like we just can’t move on and leave things behind. We sacrifice our own being, our own happiness. We choose to compromise all these because we choose to stay, when we should really be moving on, moving

If you’re unhappy with your job, quit. If you feel like, you’re no longer growing, no longer learning, if you’re no longer productive, if you’re only clocking in and out every single day – then move. If you’re constantly stressing over the fact that it drains you mentally, physically and emotionally, then move.

If you’re thinking of just sticking with that job that never fails to suck your joy because it pays the bills and you might be “promoted” there and can call yourself “successful” and “happier” – NO. Your happiness does not depend on your success. Your success actually depends on your happiness. If you think there are new opportunities, new places, new things you can explore and will contribute to your soul and to your individual growth, then go there. If it’s worth your time thinking, then it’s worth trying. No one’s too old to try. Whether it ends good or bad, it’s still an experience. Let’s not forget that every experience teaches us a valuable lesson that we might never learn if we choose otherwise.

If you’re unhappy with your life path, take any turn possible. Whether it is your college course or your career path, or your business direction – whatever path it is that you’re taking right now, if it reeks strong discontentment, then it’s the perfect time to take a pause and redirect yourself.

If you’re taking a course you don’t like, shift. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to waste years, effort and money on something you never even love in the first place. It will only teach you to settle. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t embolden you, you’ll still feel devoid, exhausted. So it doesn’t really matter if you’re graduating next year, you better decide before you find yourself trapped in an office chair with loads of shitty work you don’t even understand and doesn’t enrich your passion.

If you’re investing years of your precious time and expertise in a career path you’re not even appeased with, shift. If you don’t see yourself on the same path in the years to come, what’s the point? There is no right time to shift and leave, you do it when you feel like it. You do it when you’re unhappy. You do it now. Take on a new path, embrace diversity and development. Whatever path it is you’re in right now, if you’re unhappy, take a turn. Whether it is left or right, as long as you’re happy, you will not lose yourself.